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Lifestyle Research

Whether on the phone or in-person, we connect researchers will articulate and thoughtful cancer patients.

Market Research

We connect market researchers with cancer patients, enabling brands & clinics to better learn how to reach their target population.

How It Works

Oncolony and it’s affiliated brands engage cancer patients and their caretakers around the world with educational resources and support services. As we engage these patients, we gather their contact information and their consent to be contacted about participating in cancer research. In most cases, they are eager to hear from researchers who are developing new products and therapies. Every project is different, and we partner with our clients to ensure a successful recruiting effort from our panel.

Recruiting patients from our panel is less expensive than recruiting with traditional panel providers or recruiting agencies. We typically don’t manage recruiting or study consent ourselves, but simply connect researchers with patients interested in participating in their unique kinds of studies.

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Let’s talk about recruiting cancer patients for your research. No study is too big or too small.